Flavored Vapes Face Ban in Europe As Part of New Cancer Programs

Flavored Vapes
Flavored Vapes

The European Commission has recommended the ban on Flavored Vapes as part of a program to help fight cancer.

The European Union’s top branch announced the proposal in a statement issued on Wednesday, June 29, stating that it would follow a significant increase in the number of aromatic vases sold in 27 countries.

A study by the EU revealed a 10 percent increase in product sales in more than five EU member states and in the rest of the EU, with more than 2.5 percent of total tobacco sales.

Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Security, explained that by removing the Flavored Vapes from the EU market ‘it is taking another step towards realizing our vision under the European Cancer Victory Program to create a “Smokeless Generation”‘.

The plan aims to have less than 5% of smokers by 2040.

“Like nine out of ten lung cancers caused by tobacco, we want to make smoking undesirable in order to protect the health of our citizens and save lives,” Kyriakides continues. “Strong actions to reduce tobacco use, strong consolidation and compliance with new developments to address the endless flow of new products entering the market – which is very important to protect young people – are key to this. Prevention will always be better than cure.”

News of the proposal comes after the Swedish parliament voted to ban the fragrant vapes this week following the announcement of plans for such legislation last February.

At the time, Director of the World Vapers ’Alliance (WVA) Michael Landl argued that the ban on fragrant vapes could encourage thousands of former smokers to return to traditional tobacco.

According to the Vaping Post, he objected: “Tasting restrictions could force thousands of former smokers in Sweden to resume the practice. of Uppsala – can lose its flavor and can return to smoking.

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