In China, a video of women being violently assaulted has sparked public outrage.

In China, a video of women being violently assaulted has sparked public outrage.

According to a statement released by local police on Saturday, nine persons were arrested in China following an assault on four women in the northern city of Tangshan on Friday.

On Friday, graphic security footage from the event was shared on social media, evoking national indignation and igniting intense online debates over women’s safety and rights in China.
A man walks into a BBQ restaurant at roughly 2:40 a.m. local time on Friday and walks past a woman who is seated and eating with her pals, according to time-stamped security footage extensively circulated online. The man approaches one of the women and places his hand on her back, but she grabs his wrist and pushes him away.

Surveillance footage clearly shows the woman questioning him. In response to the woman’s resistance, the male slaps her across the face.
Surveillance footage shows the two getting into a fight. The woman tries to beat him with a glass bottle in an attempt to convince him to go.
Surveillance video shows the woman’s friends attempting to break up the fight but being pummelling by the man and a number of other males who rush into the restaurant.
Several women are shown being hit, kicked, grabbed, and pulled by the hair to the ground in the video.

The shocking video footage of the women being assaulted sparked a nationwide debate about women’s protection. Tangshan police issued a statement on Friday afternoon after the video went viral, stating they had identified the culprits and were looking for them.
Tangshan police said two women were sent to the hospital after being assaulted and were in stable condition, while two other ladies suffered minor injuries, according to a statement released on Friday.
Local police issued an update on Saturday, stating that all nine suspects, including seven men and their two female friends, had been apprehended. The two female victims who suffered non-life threatening injuries were being treated in the hospital and were in stable condition, according to the report.

The event sparked popular outrage in China and was widely discussed on Chinese social media throughout the weekend. Some people on the internet are concerned about the safety of women in China, while others are debating the country’s systemic violence against women.
According to a statement from Langfang police late Saturday, provincial officials ordered the criminal investigation of this matter to be shifted to Langfang, a separate city in Hebei province.
When the investigation is sensitive or essential, especially when the cases involve gang-related crimes and need to avoid local sheltering, such a move is made.

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