In Russia, a McDonalds replacement opens under a different name.

In Russia, a McDonalds replacement opens under a different name.

People in Russia have rushed to get their fast food fix now there’s a new McDonald’s replacement open.

More than a dozen former McDonald’s fast food outlets have reopened in Russia under new branding, with lines out the door as hungry diners seek their junk food fix.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, McDonald’s closed all of its shops across the country.

The 850 businesses were then sold to Alexandor Govor, a Russian businessman who previously owned 25 restaurants in the country. Govor was given permission to open the eateries as long as the McDonald’s name and golden arches were not used.

The revamped logo. Credit: Alamy

The first 15 of the refurbished places were introduced to the public under the new name Vkusno-i Tochka (Tasty and that’s it). The flagship store on Pushkin Square, where the original Moscow McDonald’s opened 32 years ago, was the first to open.

The menu isn’t too dissimilar from its McDonald’s predecessor for eager diners. With ish burgers, chicken nuggets, and double cheeseburgers on the menu, the restaurant appeared to be a deliberate duplicate of the American franchise.

“Our goal is that our guests do not detect a difference in quality or ambience,” stated Oleg Paroyev, CEO of Vkusno I Tochka, at the opening.

Vkusno-i Tochka is working quickly to reopen all of its locations, with the general manager estimating that 200 will be operational by the end of the month.

While the restaurants have been remodelled, they still bear some resemblance to their prior McDonald’s existence. The new design has a red circle and two yellow lines, which depict a beef burger patty and french fries, and is comparable to the fast food giant’s original colours.

Govor has committed to pay all McDonald’s employees’ salary until the company closes, as part of his aim to open as many new restaurants as possible. As part of the deal, McDonald’s also promised to keep its 62,000 Russian employees employed for the following two years.

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