New Stranger Things Billboard Hints At Major Death In Season 4

Stranger Things fans were left stunned after Netflix posted a billboard on the death of a major character.

The second installment of the hottest sci-fi show for the fourth season will come down tomorrow, July 1, and there are a lot of ideas circulating about what we’re going to do – especially after creators Matt and Ross Duffer told Empire that things might ‘go wrong’ for the characters.

Stranger Things

One thing we don’t have to worry about is Nancy (Natalia Dyer) ’fate, as Netflix recently shared a preview of the first episode, including one with her and a gang of thugs planning their fight against Hawkins’ evil.

But at the end of the first volume, you will recall that Nancy was dragged under the vicious temptation of this season’s worst evil Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower) and was left trapped in Upside Down.

As for how he escapes guessing who, but some people fear Steve (Joe Keery) will sacrifice himself to save his ex-girlfriend.

It could be a really bad result, and Netflix seemed to add to the fans’ concern by sharing a picture of a huge board that read: “Protect Steve.”

This could also mean that Steve is facing death, and for now we can just wait until the episodes go down on Friday.

But that did not stop viewers at home from persuading the broadcaster to do as the advertising board said.

Among the thousands of comments, one wrote: “If you write this in a tweet to make me think that you will survive and you will not have to hear from me until Vecna ​​finds me !! I am very determined. Again.”

Stranger Things

Another said, “If Steve dies, I’ll quit the show. Otherwise you can really have any of the new characters,” and a third added, “If Steve dies you’ll hear from my law team.”

Some have offered characters they would like to see go if it means Steve can stay, including the commenter who said: “I have said this before (not on Twitter) that Mike must be the one to die. this season and past, it will inspire El, and will protect Steve. “

One agreed, writing: “Take Mike instead pls.”

Whether any of our core foundations will reach their end remains to be seen, but it would not be the end of the Stranger Things season without a historic clash. Only one sleep until we get, folks …

The last two episodes of Stranger Things for the fourth season will be available for broadcast on Netflix on July 1st.

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