NTH Room Face Revealed “God God” to the Public for the First Time

NTH Room Face Revealed

NTH Room Face Revealed, He was the first to create the “Nth Room” chatrooms, where underage girls were sexually assaulted and tortured.
Mr. Moon (24), also known as “God God” in the chatrooms, was revealed as one of the main administrators as well as the man who created the chatrooms for the first time as a suspect on his way to police questioning.
Mr. Moon refused to speak to reporters on his way to police questioning following his arrest.

NTH Room Face Revealed

But on his way out, he was asked, Do you admit to the crimes?to which he replied, Yes.” When asked if he had anything to say to the victims, Mr. Moon simply repeated, “I‘m sorry two times

Mr. Moon created the first 8 Nth Rooms, where underage girls were sexually assaulted and tortured, and he also managed them.

NTH Room Face Revealed

The Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency launched an investigation into digital sexual exploitation material early last year, and in July, they discovered the identity “God God.” Mr. Moon was arrested on May 9 after a 10-month investigation involving IP tracing.

NTH Room Face Revealed of God God (Mr. Moon), the founder and operator of the ‘Nth Room.’

The heinous criminal is in charge of running and operating chat rooms, and he is the creator of the Nth Room. God God is 24 years old and is suspected of making videos of sexually exploiting women and minors and then selling them in his chatrooms.

On May 11, he was arrested, and his face was revealed while being transferred for police questioning.

NTH Room Face Revealed

Although NTH Room Face Revealed but he denied that he was “God God” at first, as soon as the digital evidence was presented to him, he confessed that he is “God God” in the Nth Room chatrooms.



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