Stranger Things finally loses its top spot as Netflix’s most popular TV Series

Stranger Things season four has officially been knocked off the top spot in Netflix’s most-watched TV list after a month-long reign.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things Finally Loses Its Number One Spot As Netflix’s Most Watched TV Series (Netflix)

Since the first episode of the fourth season was released last month, the sci-fi series has broken a number of records, including Netflix’s most watched season of English-language TV in one week and the first season to reach number one in 83 countries on the streamer’s top 10.

The Umbrella Academy’s third season, which premiered this week on Wednesday, June 22, has put an end to the winning streak.

Yes, statistics show that the Elliot Page-starring superhero series is currently in first place in both the UK and the US, with Stranger Things in second place, though this could all change when the second half of its fourth season premieres next month.

For the time being, fans are praising The Umbrella Academy’s new episodes on social media, with many applauding the show’s handling of Page’s character’s transition storyline.

The 35-year-old actor, who came out as trans in real life in December 2020, previously revealed that his character would do the same, changing his name from Vanya to Viktor and using the pronouns he/him/his.

The Umbrella Academy handled Viktor’s journey so smoothly.”

one fan wrote on Twitter:

Another person stated, “I’m overjoyed that @UmbrellaAcad allowed Elliot Page’s character on the show to transition. He’s a legend, and we adore Viktor in this house!”

Stranger Things
New audiences are discovering the wonder of Kate Bush thanks to Stranger Things.

Of course, Stranger Things has had its fair share of major moments in recent weeks, most notably the fact that it has skyrocketed Kate Bush’s popularity by introducing new audiences to her music.

The singer’s 1985 hit ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)’ was featured throughout the new season and was the song that rescued Max (Sadie Sink) from Vecna’s clutches.

In short, there’s a lot to love about Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy – regardless of which is the most popular on Netflix, we’re just grateful there’s so much fantastic content to sink our teeth into right now.

Season three of The Umbrella Academy is now available on Netflix. You can also watch the first volume of Stranger Things season four right now, with the second volume, consisting of two feature-length episodes, set to be released on Netflix on July 1st.



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